35 million people in Tamil Nadu live on around £1 a day

Mrs Packialakshmi is a differently abled person who owns a shop and is supported by the charity Social Change and DevelopmentPackialakshmi’s Story

Mrs Packialakshmi was born in Padaramthapulzhi village. She lost both legs due to polio when she was six years old.

Packialakshmi’s first job was making matchboxes for a local company where she got paid Rs20 per day.

One of our volunteers approached her and helped her to start her own business in the form of a petty shop. The shop is close to a school and sells snacks and cool drinks for the local children.

We promote self-sufficiency through self-employment

Packialakshmi works very hard. She wakes up at 4am to prepare food to sell throughout the day and she closes the shop at 8.30pm. She said:  “Although I am disabled, I am running a family with my hard work with the support of SCAD. I am very proud of myself.”

Packialakshmi’s plans are to expand the shop and we have awarded her a RS10,000 loan which she hopes to pay back over the next year.

Our team has helped to start a small savings group for five differently-abled people in the village including Mrs Packialakshmi. This will help the group to borrow and save money together, enabling them to be less reliant on others.

There are many ways we help people and their communities

Lending money to entrepreneurs like Mrs Packialakshmi and setting up savings clubs are just two examples of the wide range of activities we use to help make villagers and their villages more self-sufficient.

Reach more about our approach or watch a film. If you would like to support us to help more differently-abled people in the community you can donate.