35 million people in Tamil Nadu live on around £1 a day

  • Help Poor

    "Empowering the Gypsy Community: A Journey of Inclusion and Transformation 🌟"

  • "Creating Adaptive Devices for CP Children Using Everyday Materials: Innovative Solutions for a Brighter Future ♻️"

  • Garden Workers

    "Greening Our Future: Planting Trees for a Sustainable Tomorrow 🌳🌱"

  • Saltpan workers

    "Empowering Saltpan Workers: A Salty Path to Sustainable Livelihoods 🌊"

  • Pond

    "Reviving Oorani: Restoring Water for Communities 🌊 "

  • Women Group

    "Wings of Empowerment: Transforming Lives Through Women's Self Help Groups 💪🌸"

  • Kids Game

    "Nurturing Bright Beginnings: Early Child Care for a Promising Future 🌟"

  • Help Kids

    "Bringing Accessibility to Your Doorstep: Mobile Disability Camps Making a Difference 🚐✨"

  • Fisher Man

    "Nurturing Resilience: Supporting the Fisherfolk Community 🌊⚓"