35 million people in Tamil Nadu live on around £1 a day

Meenakshi is an elderly man who SCAD supportMeenakshi’s Story

We prioritise support for the elderly people who have little support or assistance in old age.

Such as Meenakshi who is a 70 year-old villager who cuts palm leaves in order to earn a little bit of money. The money from the palm leaf business does not cover his living expenses. When his wife died recently, he had to borrow RS1,000 in order to pay for her funeral costs.

His labourer son lives away from the village and rarely visits and, other than some little support from some of his neighbours in his village, SCAD is his main source of help.

Our monthly day centre is a lifeline for the community

Our older visitors like Meenakshi receive a hot meal, are entertained and offered emotional and physical support by our team of experts. We also give them a RS500 pension and ensure they fully registered to receive any additional governmental subsidies and support to which they are entitled.

Meenakshi said: “I have gone through happiness and difficulties in life. Now, I have got SCAD to hold on to and meet many people. I am happy with SCAD.”

There are more Meenakshis needing help

We support 750 destitute and orphaned elders who would otherwise be neglected by society. Read more about our scheme here or watch a film about our outreach work. If you would like to support our elderly programme you can donate below.