35 million people in Tamil Nadu live on around £1 a day

Mr Elanga - a farmer in Tuticorin supported by SCADMr Elanga’s Story

Mr Elanga is 43, and is an active and enthusiastic marginal farmer with 1.25 acres of land. With the help of SCAD, Mr. Elanga has set up a group of 20 village farmers. Together they share resources, knowledge and skills. Before the men struggled alone.

Mr Elanga grows paddy for rice, banana trees and black gram (a pulse) using organic manure, and motivates the group members to adapt to emerging technologies and knowledge. These farmers are now carrying out soil testing and using vermin compost on their crops, which returns good yields.

The farmers are stronger together

Social activism is vibrant and the group has been able to bring a road scheme to the village. Mr Elanga meticulously records his learning from various seminars, trainings and field trips to share among his colleagues. The members of his group are happy because they are better farmers; thanks to the input they have been able to benefit from Krishi Vigyan Kendra science centre, the government’s agriculture department, and the banks.

Farmers groups are just one example of the way in which we help communities empower themselves

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